4 Best Gatlinburg Ghost Tours You Must Check Out

Gatlinburg ghost tours are a great way to celebrate the Halloween season, but you can actually enjoy these tours any time of the year. It is a great way to learn more about the tourist town, including its origin and its horrific history.

Stories of Gatlinburg’s past are shared during the tour, and some stories of paranormal activity will be mentioned. Whether you are into ghostly things or just want to learn more about the city, the ghost tours we recommend will be a fun activity during your visit!

4 Best Gatlinburg Ghost Tours

We’ve done the research and found there are four options for spooky ghost tours in Gatlinburg. Each offer something different, depending on how long you want to tour and how paranormal you want to get.

Haunted Historic Gatlinburg GhostWalk

Stroll through downtown Gatlinburg with a certified ghost hunting guide as you learn about the history of the town. You’ll also hear stories of professional paranormal research conducted through the downtown area, and you may even experience something unexplained for yourself!

This 2-3 hour walking ghost tour is conducted by Appalachian GhostWalks, who also offer 15 other tours throughout the Smoky Mountain area. Afternoon and nightly lantern-led tours are available year round. Tours are designed to be a family friendly experience, recommended for children 5 years old and up.

The tour departs from TGI Fridays, located at 959 Parkway in Gatlinburg. Advance reservations are required to be made online or by phone.

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Haunted Gatlinburg Walking Tours

Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg

Touted as the “original ghost tour of Gatlinburg,” the Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg takes you by several historic and haunted places in the town. You are guided by an expert local storyteller who will share stories of hauntings and murders.

The one hour walking tour of Gatlinburg is about a mile in length. Children are welcome and those under 12 years old are free with a paid adult. This may be the most affordable option for a ghost tour for families. Ghost Walk also offers a money-back guarantee – if you enjoy other tours in the city better, they will refund the cost of their tour!

This tour departs from the public fountain at 520 Parkway in Gatlinburg. Use the municipal parking lot at this address. Tickets can be purchased online prior to the tour.

Ghost and Haunt Tours of Gatlinburg

Rated at the #1 ghost tour in Gatlinburg on Trip Advisor, the Ghost and Haunt Tour of Gatlinburg offer two tour options, depending on how much into the paranormal you are! The regular walking ghost tour features two hours of facts and legends of the town.

Now, you can also take the Extended Investigative Tour, that features a longer route with more locations and stories. You get to use real equipment to do an actual paranormal investigation during the 3 1/2 hour tour.

Meet your tour guide at the Log Cabin Pancake House at 327 Historic Nature Trail (stop light #8) in Gatlinburg. Reservations are required and can be made online.

Gatlinburg Haunts Tour

Whether you are a new visitor or have been here many times, the Gatlinburg Haunts Tour is perfect for you. This tour shows you the most popular sites of the town, while telling you the backstory – Gatlinburg wasn’t always beautiful and quaint.

You have two tour options from Gatlinburg Haunts, which are conducted by US Ghost Adventures. The standard tour is one hour and consists of eight stops along a one-mile walk. The extended tour continues after the standard ends, and offers four more stops and 30 more minutes of ghost stories and facts.

You can even rent an EMF detector for this tour, to help you detect electromagnetic abnormalities around you. This can be a telling sign that something paranormal is near.

This tour meets at The Gatlinburg Space Needle, located at 115 Historic Nature Trail. Street parking is available at the meeting location. This nightly tour is held rain or shine.

Gatlinburg haunted cemetery

Popular Spirits of Early Pioneers in Gatlinburg

Radford Gatlin – He was once the richest man in the town, and he was hated by many. He did anything to get what he wanted, no matter who or what may be destroyed in the process. The spooky ghost tours will share how the city ended up being named over this infamous man. You may even discover paranormal activity from Gatlin or his slaves while on the tour.

Richard Reagan – When Gatlin opened a post office in his general store, Reagan became the first Post Master. He is also behind the town’s name change from White Flat Oaks to Gatlinburg back in the 1850’s.

The Witch of Gatlinburg – Tales of historical facts and ghosts wouldn’t be complete without learning about the witch that strolls along the back wall of a local cemetery. Tours share her story and why she is such an interesting spirit.

Colonel William Thomas – During the Civil War, Colonel Thomas and his Confederate infantry occupied a saltpeter mine near the town of Gatlinburg. He and his men frequently raided the town for supplies, before he was shot and stabbed to death during an attack by Union soldiers. Stories say his spirit still haunts the nearby woods, looking for his fort that is no longer there.

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FAQ about Gatlinburg Ghost Tours

Are Gatlinburg Ghostwalks family friendly?

Absolutely! Most ghost tours state they offer a good time for the whole family. One even says it’s recommended for children ages 5 and up. Since most of the tours are held at night, if your child has a fear of the dark, I would hesitate to take them along for the tour.

Is there a lot of walking involved in Gatlinburg ghost tours?

The four tours we found in Gatlinburg are walking tours. Most are a leisurely stroll, about one mile through the streets of Gatlinburg. If you enjoy walking through the town, you’ll likely be able to handle the tour.

What should I bring on a walking ghost tour?

You don’t need much for a ghost tour, since you’ll be walking. Pack light and wear good, comfortable shoes. If the weather calls for it, put on a light jacket or bring an umbrella. Your cell phone or a camera is also recommended if you want to catch any paranormal activity that happens during the tour!

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