15 Fun Things to Do in Biloxi, Mississippi

Looking for some enjoyable things to do in Biloxi, MS? We’ve got you covered!

Situated along the shimmering coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi is a vibrant city bursting with Southern charm and exciting activities for all. Whether you’re a beach bum, a history enthusiast, or a foodie on the hunt for lip-smacking delights, Biloxi has got you covered.

So, grab your sun hat, put on your dancing shoes, and let’s dive into the treasure trove of amazing experiences and things to do in Biloxi, MS!

Fun Things to Do in Biloxi, MS

Biloxi Beach

First things first: hit the beach, baby! Biloxi Beach offers pristine sandy shores that stretch as far as the eye can see. Grab your beach chair, slather on some sunscreen, and let the waves serenade you while you work on your sun-kissed glow.

Beau Rivage Casino

Roll the dice and experience the glitz and glam of the Beau Rivage Casino! This place is pure magic, with its dazzling lights, buzzing energy, and non-stop excitement.

From the slot machines that make you feel like a high-roller to the thrilling table games that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, the Beau Rivage Casino is the ultimate playground for those seeking a little adrenaline rush and a whole lot of fun!

Biloxi Shrimping Trip
Biloxi Shrimping Trip

Biloxi Shrimping Trip

Get ready to set sail on the Biloxi Shrimping Trip, where you’ll have a “shrimply” amazing adventure! Join the crew and experience the thrill of shrimping firsthand, as you cast the nets and haul in the catch of the day. The 70-minute cruise will entertain you and leave you with memories of a lifetime. 

West Biloxi Boardwalk

On the West Biloxi Boardwalk, good vibes and stunning views collide! This waterfront wonderland is the perfect spot to take a leisurely stroll, soak up the salty air, and feel the sand between your toes.

Bring the family to one of the restaurants backing up to the boardwalk or hit the many shops in the area. Plus, everything is well lit, so don’t hesitate to stay for the sunset or a nighttime walk.

Credit: Jeff D. Howard, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Biloxi Lighthouse

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the iconic Biloxi Lighthouse, standing tall as a symbol of resilience. Climb its spiral staircase, breathe in the salty air, and soak up breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf Coast. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with this historic beauty.

Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum

Ahoy, mateys! Dive into Biloxi’s maritime heritage at the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum. Immerse yourself in captivating exhibits that shed light on the city’s seafaring past, from shipbuilding and shrimping to the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. Aye, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for Biloxi’s resilient spirit.

Big Play Entertainment Center

Because every good Biloxi vacation deserves some thrilling arcade games, bowling, go-karts, and more family fun that you can imagine at Big Play Entertainment Center!

Compete in a friendly game of mini-golf or laser tag while you enjoy a break from the warm weather or a rainy day. With so many options for play here, there really is something for everyone.

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art 

This architectural gem showcases the works of renowned potter George Ohr, known as the “Mad Potter of Biloxi,” and features contemporary exhibits that celebrate the Gulf Coast’s vibrant art scene. Explore the stunning buildings, immerse yourself in the artistic creations, and leave inspired by the creative spirit that thrives in Biloxi.

Credit: Shocking Blue, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Beauvoir Estate

Calling all history buffs! Take a trip to the Beauvoir Estate, the former home of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. Stroll through the stately mansion, wander the tranquil grounds, and learn about the rich history of the Gulf South.

Ship Island

Hop aboard the public ferry and prepare to be transported to paradise on this Mississippi Coast hidden gem! With its pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and abundant marine life, Ship Island is the ultimate tropical escape where you can swim, snorkel, and bask in the sun like a true pirate of the Gulf. Beach gear rentals, concessions, and a historical fort are available for you to enjoy from March to October every year.

Anably, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Biloxi Bay Bridge

Get ready to cruise on the magnificent Biloxi Bay Bridge, where adventure meets breathtaking views! This epic bridge stretches like a lifeline across the glistening waters, offering a thrilling ride with panoramic vistas that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

Whether you’re driving, biking, or strolling, embrace the wind in your hair as you traverse this coastal marvel, capturing Insta-worthy moments that will leave your followers green with envy. So buckle up and embark on a journey that’s sure to be a bridge-tastic delight!

Indulge in Fresh Seafood Feasts

When in Biloxi, seafood is the name of the game, my friend. Sink your teeth into succulent Gulf shrimp, buttery crawfish, or freshly shucked oysters. Visit local seafood joints like McElroy’s Harbor House for a finger-lickin’ good time that’ll leave you hollerin’ for more.

Mary Mahoney’s Old French House

Get ready to feast on Southern comfort food at its finest. Mary Mahoney’s Old French House is an iconic Biloxi establishment that has been serving up delectable dishes for over 50 years. From their signature crab cakes to tender filet mignon, prepare your taste buds for a journey to flavor town.

The Candy Cottage

Got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying? Swing by The Candy Cottage, a whimsical candy store straight out of your sugary dreams. Fill up your basket with delectable chocolates, gummies, and nostalgic treats. It’s a candy lover’s paradise, where every sweet tooth finds its happy place.

Gulf Islands Waterpark in Biloxi, MS
Credit: Gulf Islands Waterpark Facebook page

Gulf Islands Waterpark

Cool off from the Southern heat at Gulf Islands Waterpark! With thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools that’ll make you holler “Yeehaw!”, this waterpark is an absolute blast for the whole family. Slip, slide, and splash your way to a day of pure fun and laughter.

FAQ about Visiting Biloxi, MS

Is Biloxi expensive to visit?

Nah, visiting Biloxi, MS won’t break the bank! Sure, there are some fancy-pants accommodations and upscale dining spots if you’re feeling fancy, but fear not, my frugal friend.

Biloxi has your back with a bunch of affordable lodging options, local eateries dishing out lip-smacking treats, and budget-friendly attractions that’ll keep your wallet happy while you have a blast.

Does Biloxi have a downtown?

You betcha! Biloxi’s got itself a happening downtown area that’s chock-full of good vibes. Picture this: charming historic sites, artsy galleries, funky shops, and oh-so-tasty dining spots all huddled together near the beach.

It’s like a hip and happening neighborhood that’s just begging to be explored. So put on your walking shoes and get ready to soak up the downtown awesomeness in Biloxi, MS!

Is Biloxi, MS walkable for visitors?

You bet! Biloxi, MS is totally stroll-worthy for visitors. The downtown district and beachfront areas are a breeze to explore on foot, with plenty of cool attractions, yummy restaurants, and quirky shops within walking distance.

So lace up those comfy shoes and get ready to pound the pavement while soaking in all the goodness Biloxi has to offer!

Should I visit Biloxi with my family?

Absolutely! Biloxi is a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities for kids of all ages. From splashing around at the waterpark to exploring the marine life at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, your little ones will have a blast in Biloxi.

When is the best time to visit Biloxi?

The sweet spot for visiting Biloxi is in the spring and fall when the weather is mild and comfortable. Summers can get pretty hot and humid, but fear not, as the inviting waters of the Gulf offer a refreshing escape. Pack your sunscreen and shades, and get ready for a sun-soaked adventure!

Final Thoughts

Biloxi, Mississippi, is a captivating destination that will leave you grinnin’ from ear to ear. From the sun-kissed shores of Biloxi Beach to the thrilling history that adorns its streets, this Gulf Coast gem offers a little somethin’ for everyone.

So, whether you’re casting a line, exploring historic landmarks, or indulging in the region’s mouthwatering cuisine, Biloxi is sure to steal your heart. Pack your bags, put on your Southern charm, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Biloxi, MS!

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